Home Sellers and Property Disclosure Statements

When you are listing your home for sale, your Real Estate Agent will present you with a Property Disclosure form that asks if you are aware of any existing or prior problems with your home.

Sometimes sellers decide not to disclose a prior problem because they feel that since it is no longer an issue no one needs to know. WRONG!

People talk - neighbors, contractors, friends and even family.

When a buyer "discovers" an issue on their own it can quickly derail your sale.

When sellers disclose an issue to me prior to listing their home, I am able to address the issue up front;

  • If the issue can be corrected then I typically suggest you get it fixed prior to listing your home.
  • If on the other hand the issue is one that you cannot afford to take care of, and/or the issue is one that is better corrected once the home is empty, we can take that into    consideration when deciding on the list price for your home.  
Most buyers Agents will include your Property Disclosure Statement into the Purchase Contract. If your failure to disclose arises after the buyers have moved in and the sale has completed your potential liability can be significant.

As a seller, it is in your best interest to be forthcoming when filling out the Property Disclosure Form

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